Sanjar Media has served a wide range of clients in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Sanjar Hakimi, the founder and President of Sanjar Media, has delivered digital solutions to small and large organizations, and non-profit and commercial environments.

Sanjar Hakimi managed web services for Montgomery County's Office of Cable, and oversaw the video streaming services of the County Council's sessions. Later he provided content management solutions to the U.S. Marine corps using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Then followed that with overseeing the web systems integration at the National Quality Forum, a non-profit membership organization that works to improve healthcare management. For the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, he improved the web presence for the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research using Microsoft technologies.

Sanjar Hakimi was the lead developer of Serve.gov, the online home of United We Serve, managed by the Corporation for the National and Community Service, the federal agency charged with promoting and fostering volunteering and national service in America. By migrating the Serve.gov platform from .NET to open source using the Drupal platform, Sanjar Hakimi delivered a solution that allowed for greater scalability of the site, and expedited the administration and content management of data.

In addition to Serve.gov, Sanjar Hakimi also served as the primary website administrator of NationalService.gov and NationalServicerResources.gov, sites also affiliated with CNCS.

U.S. General Services Administration

To support GSA's mission of delivering acquisition and technology solutions to the government and public, Sanjar Media partnered with Government Contract Solutions and Lockheed Martin to develop new systems that introduced innovative ways of delivering goods and services. One of the early releases was the Acquisition Navigator, a web application built on open-source technologies with Red Hat Linux, Drupal and AngularJS. It's designed as a single-page application allowing for a more fluid user experience since it forgoes page reload. Acquisition Navigator integrates with web services from a BRMS server, exposed using SOAP, and leverages a secondary MySQL database to store product data.

Corporation for the National and Community Service

CNCS is a federal agency that helps millions of citizens to improve their lives through civic service. To support their programs it was important to have websites that allowed for high traffic, carried updated content and made it easier to convey the organization's outreach efforts. From Goldbelt Hawk, Sanjar Hakimi was the lead developer of Serve.gov. The site was built on the Drupal framework, in an Ubuntu Linux environment. In addition, NationalService.gov and NationalServiceResources.gov were other applications developed in Drupal, with Sanjar Hakimi participating in the administration.


Sanjar Hakimi was the lead developer of Serve.gov. The highly trafficked site was initially conceived as a custom build .NET solution. Over time it became a challenge to manage. There was a new requirement to migrate to a platform that would allow for greater scalability and administration. The Drupal content management system was chosen because of its open source nature, its ability to build and collaborate upon, and the flexibility to extend its features to accommodate site-wide makeovers. The Drupal framework completely replaced the previous site, and all the content was migrated into a new MySQL database. The client was given Drupal accounts and trained on the new system.

Goldbelt Wolf

Goldbelt Wolf, LLC provides customized products and solutions to federal and commercial customers with a special focus on tactical equipment, weapons, vehicles and training.

Through his web development role at Goldbelt Hawk, Sanjar Hakimi served as the primary administrator for Goldbelt Wolf's original web application, then the lead developer on the next generation application. The initial web application was designed on the Drupal 6 framework. Several challenges to the content flow discouraged the Goldbelt Wolf staff from conducting updates with a consistent schedule. An action plan was put into place to migrate to the newer Drupal 7 framework.

The new site was given a fresh look while retaining the corporate design that Golbelt Wolf developed through its history. The layout was given a cleaner structure. The content was better distributed across new pages. The content management side was easier to work with as new templates were introduced. And the site overall became easier to navigate with a drop-down menu system.

Goldbelt Hawk


For its mission to provide full lifecycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets, GbHawk, LLC was tasked by Goldbelt Inc, its parent corporation, to roll out a cloud solution for its subsidiary sites. The result was a Drupal website framework template that retained a consistent design across the sites while allowing for customization to meet specific requirements of the companies. Using an extensible theme and selective Drupal modules, the sites were able to position themselves to scale and grow in parallel.

Other Clients

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